• The Proof For the Truth

  • Why Are We Here?



Many believers silently struggle with the beliefs that they espouse. A person of weak faith is also a person of ineffective faith. What we learn might lead us to think differently but what we believe will lead us to act differently. Nothing is more important than knowing what you believe because that knowledge informs who you are.

There is an abundant amount of scientific, historical, archaeological, logical, and physical evidence that supports the views of Christianity. Though it seems like there are many worldviews to choose from, when it comes to the origin of the universe, there are only two options. Either something came from nothing or something came from Someone. This foundational truth is the basis for understanding that there is a God.

How we think about and understand morality, where we came from, where we're going and why we are here are all questions that can be answered through an in depth understanding of apologetics. There is proof for the truth.