I am a junior at Bulls College Prep High School. Today at the cultural session for juniors, Alex spoke and I didn’t have time to thank him or talk to him, but I would like for him to know something. I would like for him to know that his words have truly meant so much to me because I have been struggling with depression for four years and I have never come across someone who’s words had a deep toll on my mentality. I’ve gone to therapists and psychiatrists as well as he did, but his words meant everything to me today and made me feel empowered as if I could truly be able to change my mentality. I would just like for him to know that and I’m truly thankful for the words he said.

— Student at Noble Street Charter Schools; Bulls College Prep

I would like to take a moment to thank you for speaking at our Youth Event.  Your sermon has long been mentioned and the youth (as well as the adults) were excited to receive access to your book. They were especially impacted by your testimony, message flow and energy!  Thank you for allowing yourself to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Your submissiveness to the Spirit of God is evident when you minister. Thank you for letting yourself be a vessel for the Lord. We look forward to having you speak at future events!
— Mari Nieves - Youth Pastor, Living Fire Youth Ministry

The very first time I saw Pastor Alex McElroy speaking was at a training session for new
teachers, who were embarking upon, for the very first time, the fall teaching session for New Life Covenant Southeast Education Ministry. As I sat there, Alex displayed, very distinctly, four characteristics that have helped me develop into the instructor I have become today.
The first characteristic I noticed about Alex was his definite confidence. Alex spoke with an authentic confidence, which in fact made him both truthful and clear about the material he was presenting. As he was speaking, it became very clear that his preparation for the material he was presenting was extremely thorough and precise. Furthermore, the confidence and self- assuredness Alex displayed, entirely put the audience at ease.
Secondly, Alex spoke with an understandable intent. The subject matter Alex presented was very intentional and well planned. This characteristic about Alex, brought out various subject points that I may have not been able to discover on my own. As the subject matter was introduced and unfolded, Alex was very intentional about the structure of getting his point of view across to those of us sitting in the audience. As a result, I focused more on the way he spoke, which completely intrigued me and kept my interest in the subject matter for the main points of his thoughts.
Thirdly, Alex spoke with sincere passion. As Alex presented his material, his underlying mannerisms and gestures conveyed that he was concerned and connected with all of us in the audience. The direct eye contact that Alex kept with the audience, made a fundamental difference within the “heart” of the subject matter. Alex’s delivery was distinctly and emotionally humble, which compelled the audience to respond with respect. Above all, Alex displayed sincere belief in the correlations of his subject matter, which had a tremendous impact in a way that was extremely “relatable” to everyone in attendance.
Finally, Alex delivered his presentation in a well-organized and skillful manner. As I looked back on the notes I took that day, the flow and structure of each subject point kept me well informed. From subject point, to content example, Alex demonstrated an immeasurable knowledge of biblical references. Furthermore, “the teaching tools” I learned from Alex this day, yet remain within me. Thus, I walked away from this training session believing in the responsibility of dedicating myself to the “extensive preparation and planning” that must take place prior to all future “classroom settings” that I may encounter.
— Kenneth Barksdale - NLCSE Men’s Ministry
I had the great privilege of learning from Pastor Alex McElroy at the Legacy Conference. I must confess that what I learned in his apologetics sessions are still on my heart today, many months later! Alex has the gift of being able to take a difficult spiritual truth and make it understandable to the masses and even more importantly applicable to our daily lives. Understanding leads to action! Since my attendance at the Legacy Conference, learning from Pastor Alex, I have been approaching several areas of my life differently. Application in my parenting, community life, and as a writer has been transformational. My relationships as a wife, mother, and blogger at The Peaceful Haven have benefited from Alex’s sound Biblical teaching.
— Janelle Esker - The Peaceful Haven - www.thepeacefulhaven.com