• Leadership Starts at the Bottom

  • The Cost of Leadership



John Maxwell wrote, "inexperienced leaders are quick to lead before knowing anything about the people whom they wish to lead. Seasoned leaders, listen, learn and then lead."

Most, if not all, of the world's issues could be fixed or significantly remedied with better, more focused leadership. I know that sounds like an overstatement but as the leader goes, so go the people.

First, leadership is a choice, not a right. Every leader should make the choice to serve those whom they wish to lead. Servant leadership should be the foundation of every leader. Successful and substantive leadership is about having a humble mindset, not making an arrogant overstep. It is an aspiration and not about subjugation.

Every leader should first and foremost be willing to learn and grow so that they maximize their ability to lead and so that they are in position to provide the best example of what they hope to produce in those that follow them. Lastly, leadership and submission are wholly intertwined. You can’t lead effectively if you’ve never followed faithfully.